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    Buying During Covid-19: Virtual Showings

    Though in-person showings are legal and available to buyers during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still recommended that buyers start with virtual showing – or at least start with consuming all the online media possible about a home before deciding if an in-person showing is the appropriate next step. 

    If you’re a buyer who is unfamiliar with this process, it can be a little confusing at first, but there’s a lot you can learn about a property thanks to a virtual showing. 

    1. Do your homework.

    To get the most out of your virtual showing, make sure you’ve got as much information about the property as possible beforehand. Request a property history from your Realtor to understand how long the home has been on the market, when the last time it sold was and for how much, as well as any of the important property details that aren’t available from the listing (things like property tax estimates, HOA fees, or neighborhood assessments). 

    2. Take notes.

    When you’re viewing a virtual showing video, take lots of notes of your questions and concerns. Pass those questions along to your Realtor so that they can either answer them or ask the seller’s agent for you.

    3. Understand in-person requirements.

    If, after all your due diligence and virtual showing you are still interested in scheduling an in-person showing, your Corbett & Co Realtor is ready to take you through those next steps quickly and safely. Most sellers are requiring special showing requirements like shortened showing windows, a limiting of the number of people attending a showing, masks and gloves. Make sure you talk to your Realtor about what will be required of you to make your showing as safe as possible. 


    • Educate yourself as much as possible about a property prior to a virtual or restricted showing
    • Keep careful notes regarding your questions about a property 
    • Be ready for special showing restrictions if you want to see a property in person

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